Monday, April 30, 2012

Cool iPhone App from to Share Pics Instantly

Cool iPhone App from to Share Pics Instantly

Today we would like to introduce a photo sharing iPhone app, PicYou. It was released on Monday 9th of January. You can download free PicYou app from iTunes store. Using this app you can add cool frames to your photos, share on Facebook & twitter instantly, access via and many more.
Until a web version of Instagram is available the seamless integration between the web and iPhone is a unique selling point and we have worked hard to ensure the app quality is top notch (though of course expect more improvements soon). There are bunch of new filters and enhancements to the main site to help improve their service .

Full features of the app include:

  • Free PicYou filters (including Albion, Killowatt, Infatuation, Zeitgeist, Gammanation, Dreamy, Ralston, Cuttlefish and Hipster)
  • Cool PicYou frames
  • Unlimited uploads to the cloud
  • Share your photos instantly on Facebook and Twitter
  • Make new friends through giving and receiving likes & comments
  • Full camera capability, front and back
  • Access from the web at

Few examples of photos modified using PicYou iPhoneapp


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