Sunday, April 29, 2012


Solid Ink

It's time to rethink your ink

Solid Ink is an innovative, award-winning color printing technology available only from Xerox. It was invented in 1991 in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, where it's manufactured today.

Xerox Solid Ink is easy to use and produces stunning color print quality. It also:

Generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser printers.

Enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership.


Compared with color laser printing technology, Solid Ink generates up to 90% less printing waste because there are no cartridges to dispose of and less packaging to add to landfills.

The cartridge-free design and minimal packaging also result in:
less to manufacture less storage space better transportation efficiency
Print more color for less
Cartridge-free Solid Ink lowers running costs by drastically reducing the number of items customers must replace. That's why we're able to offer color page prices for less. 
"The (Solid Ink) writing system is much less complicated compared to Xerography with fewer moving components and fewer replaceable supplies, which translates to the potential for lower overall operating costs."
– InfoTrends

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